What is e-commerce and why is it important to my growing business?

E-Commerce has been around for quite some time, the Internet was the key that drove the rise of e-commerce, and consumers are increasingly getting to know the digital ecosystem.

In recent years, companies that have decided to implement e-Commerce have experienced greater growth in their sales.

Companies that want to have an effective internet presence cannot settle for a corporate website that only provides information.

In these times, electronic commerce has proven to be a great business route for those who know how to take advantage of this new business opportunity.

Today purchasers are used to buying online, and payment methods are more diverse and reliable, thanks to PayPal, for example.

This brings the buyer closer to the online shopping experience, with more confidence and already fully adapted use.

Therefore, the implementation of online stores by companies is increasing every day, they are an excellent complement for businesses with physical establishments

In some cases, it ends up being as or more important than these (as in the case of the pandemic that companies had to deal with).

We share below the advantages of electronic commerce for both consumers and those who market goods and services through the network:

Valuable information

Data analytics is very important in e-commerce. When a person enters a website, their activity is recorded. A website collects user cookies that can be used to increase sales.

In this way, strategies based on visitor behavior can be developed.

Scope and availability

When creating an online business, anyone residing anywhere in the world can access your commercial website and purchase your products or services.

The display of the product catalogs and the availability to carry out commercial transactions do not depend on business hours, they are available at any time.

Low costs

Starting an e-commerce business involves lower costs than traditional commerce: website, own domain, powerful hosting, and web optimization.

The logistics of distribution routes are improved or the reduction of intermediaries. So the buyer benefits from a lower final price.

Management speed and flexibility

It only takes a few days to create an efficient and attractive website for customers, customizing, and optimizing it takes a little more time.

The management of all trade areas is easily managed by intuitive computer programs that enable efficient management of orders, product stock, and customer portfolio, among others.

Creation of new business relationships

E-commerce democratizes the commercial agreement, that is the role between customer and supplier is diluted by operating both under the same transactional framework.

So there can be C2C (consumer to consumer), B2B (business to business), B2C (business to consumer), and even C2B (consumer to business) relationships.

Opportunity to differentiate from the competition

The logistics processes and return policies must be taken care of to ensure good customer service, so that the public will trust the company and its products more.

By paying attention to the quality of customer service, you can maintain a captive and loyal audience. 

Creating an e-commerce site

The first step is the structure of a website, which is a complementary tool to the company’s portal

(In this valuable information of the business core is presented such as mission, vision, values, who we are, etc.)

Currently, many creative and dynamic tools attract people’s attention, the corporate image must be taken into account to be consistent with what you want to project.

There are systems or programs such as ERP (Enterprise resource planning) that already have this functionality to establish a store or have online transactions.

This type of software also has high cybersecurity standards to safeguard business and customer data.

The functionalities that can be integrated into a virtual store can be as many as desired.

The end-user must always be taken into account how these functionalities will improve their consumer experience within our portal. 

All the previously shared advantages point to the same direction: efficiency. Living in times of economic conjuncture, which can be seen as a threat.

We can rethink it as a unique opportunity to digitize ourselves and make our company more efficient, maximizing and taking advantage of the competitive advantages that the Digital Era offers us.

Every day more companies are making use of digital spaces to make sales, and those companies that still do not have an online sales presence are losing their position on the Internet compared to their competitors.

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